MIS Reporting Services

Our MIS reporting services aims at turning your Excel worksheets and workbooks in to powerful business and time-saving tools. We have a professional team of Excel experts who will work with you to create customized Excel solutions may it be to minimal the repetitive tasks, automate the process, track the live performance or support you with the meaningful reports at a single click of button.


Our Application Development service provides the customers with the most effective and customized solutions for the business using Excel with VBA and also contributes in enhancing the capabilities of MS office that support VBA. It helps to convert the most sophisticated excel spreadsheet in to simple applications.


Excel reporting solutions relieves the customers form the huge data handling and provides them with the most effective excel reports for the better decision making.Our Service includes reporting in the area of Business Profitability Maximization, Cost Control, Capacity Utilization, etc.


With our Dashboard & Template Creation Services, you can convert your excel workbook into professional data visualization tool and automate your routine excel tasks.

Types of Reports

  • Dashboards for managers and management
  • Periodic monetary MIS Reports
  • Revenue reporting – Person, geography, product / solution and SBU-wise
  • Profitability reporting with any given criteria
  • Project-wise profitability tracker
  • Critical Expense Reporting – To enable cost cutting without disturbing current setup
  • Cash flow projection and cash management
  • Sales operations reporting – Order processing, invoicing, collection and support
  • AR and AP monitoring and reporting
  • AMC / Annuity business tracker and sending quotes well in advance
  • Identification of loss of revenue
  • Possibilities of cost control measures without affecting the running set-up
  • Any other reports as per management request
  • Periodic non-monetary MIS Reports
  • Leads / enquiry tracker
  • Quotation tracker
  • Service / Support calls tracker
  • Stores and stock management
  • Escalation points, timeline alerts, validation rules and possible corrective actions for above

Process of MIS Reporting

A periodic and systematic reporting system to the management team on all critical parameters of business across all functions to take timely and effective business decisions.Discussing with management for specific pain / development areas they face with respect to Funds planning , Revenues / expenses reports, Cost control and planning – Approval mechanisms, Costing methods, Profitability - Business Unit-wise, Region-wise, Order-wise, Product-wise, etc.

Input discipline of accounting and commercial data Comparison with industry standards for few business parameters . Understanding the entire operations of the organization in sync with finance and accounts function. Accounting system used currently and its evaluation Policies and approval processes followed as it is. Financial decision making as it is.Future development aspirations of the organization

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