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Collaborative Process Management

Collaborative Process ManagementCollaborative Process Management

Centralize process knowledge and improvement efforts for operational efficiency

CIG Group helps organizations be more productive in developing, documenting, communicating, and managing business process information. Through its central repository, CIG Group stores and manages processes and all related information as reusable knowledge to accelerate projects and provide process transparency and understanding.

Leverage shared knowledge for quicker and more accurate modeling

Take advantage of a lasting repository of business information to be shared, improved and added to.

  • Collect and store all information relating to processes.
  • Reuse information that’s already been discovered during previous projects.
  • Keep models consistent by sharing defined resources, work products, and sub-processes.
  • Learn more
  • Work together for improved efficiency


Overcome silos in your business by consolidating business information and making it available to all process improvement teams in one place.

  • Centralize process information that’s typically stored in countless, unsecure places.
  • Make process information accessible for everyone to be able to contribute.
  • Collect feedback on processes and projects with live comments.
  • Manage shared content with multiple editors.

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Bring business knowledge out of the dark

Offer process transparency to your organization to empower process owners and performers with knowledge of how the business works and what can be improved.

  • Communicate how processes work and who is involved.
  • Provide role-relevant information in easy to read dashboards.
  • Easily publish and share information with external stakeholders.

Manage and effectively communicate change

Models change as dynamically as the business they describe. Make changes with confidence in your models’ integrity while keeping control of how change is communicated.

  • Manage document control workflow.
  • Maintain version history and audit trails.
  • Propagate change throughout shared model elements.