Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What documents are required for enrollment?

As per the prevailing government norms, we would need only a few KYC documents, listed as below for your reference

  1. Address/ID Proof of the Authorized Signatory
  2. Proof of Business Existence.


How does CIG provide such services for a low cost in comparison to competitors?

CIG is an initiative by Connvero Consulting Services Private Limited to expand the horizon of Indian Export's across the Globe. Further CIG being associated with so many partner sites across the globe can easily manage to deliver the promised services at a very economical cost for the benefits of the small traders and manufacturers. Moreover the programs are designed in such a manner that the business owners can participate in the program of their choice. The number of categories offered by CIG vastly covers all business ranges.


What if I am not satisfied with the service provided by CIG?

CIG is a program designed to benefit your business. In case you do not find any benefit out of the program, we offer you a refund based on following terms

01-15 days of Enrollment- 90%

15-30 days of Enrollment- 75%

30-45 days of Enrollment- 50%

45-60 days of Enrollment- 25%

Beyond 60 days - No Refund will be issued post 60 days of Enrollment.

All the refund are processed only after evaluating the services utilized and the refund will be processed within 30 days of the request generated.

All the advertisement posted in Global sites as a part of the program will be removed once the refund has been approved. An email stating the approval of refund will be sent within 07 days of the request.

How do I get a Representation in Trade Show?

CIG offers to represent your business in the International Trade Shows of your choice based on the enrolled program. CIG has a team of Consultants representing 80% of shows across the globe and once you select the show your choice, our expert will conduct a review with your marketing team to collect all the relevant information and print materials for distribution in the event.

The business houses are required to raise a Service Request for representation with a prior notice of 60 days so as to assist us in preparing the relevant documents in consultation with your marketing managers, so that the representation is effective and target orientated.

In case, CIG will not be able to represent you in a particular event due to unforeseen circumstances, our team will be pleased to offer our consulting services in relation to the marketing material and will provide the Air Tickets to one of your representative at a discount of 50%.


How will I get to know of my Advertisements in Global Sites?

CIG will send you the list of sites along with link of Advertisement in those sites within 15 days of your enrollment. You can check for your listings along with the product catalogue (if any). In case you wish to make any changes to the advertisement, you can  either raise a Service Request by logging to customer portal or call our services team at 1800 1234 344.

The advertised sites cannot be changed, although you can request for advertisement in additional sites of your choice at an additional cost depending upon the site you select.


What is Focused Lead Service and what kind of service will be provided under this?

CIG has a team of professional Research Analyst working full time on the Global Sites and Promotional Councils, the Leads generated through these mediums are instantly transferred to the members within a fraction of time of the Lead posted by the Client. The leads are filtered on the basis of your selection of Geography, Industry, Product Category, Supply Capability and Financial Constraint. The chances of the Leads getting converted are very high as the information is passed at a rapid speed in a very efficient manner.


What is the additional benefit of Email Marketing Service as I already promote my business through Emails?

The Emails designed by CIG is in a template format highlighting your products, company and expertise along with a Click to Contact button designed on a HTML format. The Email Templates is one of the most productive marketing tool across the Globe.

We design the template according to your requirements and market the same to clients filtered on the basis of your selection of Geography, Industry, Product Category, Supply Capability and Financial Constraint.

I have never had the opportunity to export of goods or services previously, How can CIG assist me in initiating an export?

CIG has an expertise in Export Marketing and further all the services we offer are directed to expanding the horizons of your business. CIG will assist you with everything required for exporting, starting from acquiring a IEC from the DGFT, evaluating your export readiness, prepare your business for International Market, Finding a prospective market and client for your business, assist you with the documentation process of export and payment retrieval.

Once you select CIG as your trade partner, you can just focus on the constraints of your business production and other details leaving out your export marketing to CIG.

CIG is committed not only to providing businesses with the skills and knowledge to begin exporting, but is also there at every step of the way to help with making contacts, identifying opportunities and ensuring that companies have the tools to be successful in overseas markets. From the potential difficulties of speaking a foreign language to raising a business profile at an international event, CIG is there to help you succeed.


How do I upgrade my product category?

In case you wish to upgrade your product category, all you have to do is just log in to the customer portal and Click on the button at the top left hand corner stating "Upgrade Now". An application form with the relevant details will be opened. Just fill up the details and make payment according to the selected plan. Your services in respect to the selected plan will be activated with 07 days.

A copy of Invoice for the up gradation will be mailed to your registered email address.


How do I get information about your company as there are many companies with similar concepts which is involved in unfair trade practices?

The concept of CIG is the first of its kind in India. There are many marketing consulting firms but all of those firms work only on a case to case basis. CIG is a part of Connvero Consulting Services Private Limited. The company is registered according to the Indian Companies Act and conducts business with norms to the Ethical business practices.

The Invoice issued by CIG compromises of all the information like CIN number, UID number, Service Tax Number and Pan Number for you to verify. The details can be verified through the site of MCA with the provided CIN number. Furthermore, we offer a fair refund policy to all our customer.

In case you need any other information feel free to contact us through any of the medium, we will be more than happy to assist.


Why are your premium memberships higher in cost with respect to the other B2B sites in India?

The premium membership programs designed by CIG are the most comprehensive programs available in the B2B market category. A product wise comparison chart has already been provided under the head comparisons in our website as well as our manual.

The premium membership offered by CIG is inclusive of Trade Show representation, the first of its kind in India. No other B2B site or Marketing Consulting firms offer these services to the Indian Business owners. In comparison to the unique services provided by CIG the cost of these programs are VFM to the clients. Moreover, CIG also offers a unique conversion program, through which it guarantees to acquire a certain number of International Business within the period of your validity. No other B2b site or consulting firm offers such a service to any of its clients.


What will be the minimum value for which the CIG will get a business through its conversion assistance program in the premium membership programs?

The value of an export business cannot be measured in one transaction. CIG can only assure you of introducing a new International client for your business, the transaction value or repeat order cannot be guaranteed.  Although, our consultants will put all their efforts to retain a client acquired for your business but the quality of products or services rendered is completely in the hands of your business.

Any export business is profitable only when the acquired clients are retained for a longer period of time as the profit margins become higher once the commodity value transacted in on the higher end. CIG can only put efforts till acquiring a client for your business, retention is completely based on the transaction and communication between you and the client


What will happen in case I am not able to use the services within one year from the date of enrollment?

Unfortunately, the enrollment will stand expired and the unutilized services cannot be rendered but CIG will surely offer to waive of 50% on the renewal charges for the next year.


I am not interested in buying your membership but would like avail certain services offered by CIG?

Well, In case you do not to wish to become a privileged member of CIG, you will lose out on a lot of benefits that come along with the program.

As the program in itself is designed for the advantage of Indian traders, we would still be able to provide the service/s of your choice at a designated cost against each selected service. The cost of which can be obtained by sending a request through our services helpline or writing to us at

A onetime fee of 499/- will be charged as the service charge along with the cost of services selected.


What will I get as a proof of enrollment?

CIG will send you a detailed Invoice along with a product kit containing a user manual, terms and conditions booklet, a Privilege Card and the user credentials to the registered mailing address with 15 days of the enrollment.

An copy of the application form duly signed by the representative of CIG will be instantly given to you and a Email & SMS will be sent your registered contact details within 6 hours of your enrollment.


Why is it not possible for me to list my products on your site, all other B2B sites give this option which has been very effective for the business in the last some years?

CIG is not a B2B site or portal rather we are an Export Orientated Marketing firm, specializing in all aspects of Export consulting. We are not an advertisement site, we are professionally qualified marketers, who promote your business aggressively and use the medium of various B2B sites across the globe to find your new clients.

With ever changing global market scenario, every business needs someone with an expertise to handle a domain such as International Marketing and Export. CIG has introduced a concept that will be the trend in Global markets 05 years from now as was the case with many B2B sites some 15 years back.

Change is constant and every new method adopted yields better result. CIG is here to capitalize on the information stored in the B2B sites and deliver them in ready to consume manner to the clients.


What kind of information will I we have to share to get all the reports, as these reports  seem as if they would need a lot of classified information?

The data shared with CIG is never preserved, each information is used only as a source and it is instantly shredded. The only information stored in our databases are your basic details as according to the government norms.

Yes, CIG would need certain information which could possibly fall under a category of classified information, but these information are essential for generating the reports to evaluate your business.

If a detailed report is not shared with a doctor, it is not possible for the doctor to find a cure for the ailment. Similarly, CIG plays the role of your consultant in the most professional manner and will only use the information for enhancing your business.

In case you feel not to share certain information, we would still be able to generate the reports even based on limited information but the accuracy of reports will not be 100% .


I am not able to login to the customer portal using the credentials?

The credentials entered by you may be misspelled or wrongly entered. Kindly check if the caps lock or num lock button as a precaution before re generating your credentials. Kindly be assured CIG will instantly generate a new user ID/Password for you to login and utilize the service without any hindrance. Alternatively you can contact our services helpline at 1800 1234 344 or write to us at


Why is a website option only offered to premium members, while all other B2B sites offer website options without charging any cost?

The website offered by B2B sites are all on a Sub Domain without any ownership option, other than a few high cost programs offered by these B2B sites. The website developed by CIG is a dynamic website under a unique domain name representing your business, the site is not a template based website rather a comprehensive theme based website, which not only has the ownership under your/your business name but even the control functions are transferred to you post the expiration of your validity period.

This gives you the option of developing your site with any number of pages or make any number of changes as and when required. It gives you a separate identity which is very much recognized in the global market. Our internet marketing team will also assist you with the SEO program for your site to enhance the visibility in all major sites.

The option of website is offered to all our clients, but with the lesser value memberships you can choose to have your website of your own by paying a very nominal charge in comparison to the market price for developing a dynamic website with all features.


Why do you not provide any solutions for increase in Domestic sales?

Although CIG is an export oriented marketing firm but it also assists numerous companies with the domestic marketing solutions as well. As a Marketing consultants we understand that it our duty to increase your bottom-line sales even within India and offer your business with numerous opportunities within India as well. The services for domestic lead generation and assistance in domestic markets are offered as a complimentary service and we do not charge from our existing clients for such services.


What will I do with a CIG privilege card?

The privilege card issued by CIG entitles you to various benefits offered by the group which is not only limited to the business aspect but also in the segment of leisure activities. CIG runs various monthly campaigns for it clients through which you can avail discounts of numerous leisure activities such a Movie Tickets, Lifestyle coupons, Holiday Vouchers, Discount Coupons, Free Health Checkups and other similar activities.

Our objective is not restricted only to your business but to have you as a member of a community which promotes well being of Indians financially as well as personally.


Why is CIG then being promoted a Private Limited Company and not as a NGO or a Co Operative Society?

CIG is only a program promoted by Connvero Consulting Services Private Limited, it is neither a NGO nor Co Operative society. We believe such programs are essential for the growth of our Nation as through these programs the export ratio of India can be improved drastically. Almost all the Industries have taken the route of technology and such is our vision that we wish to take the export from India to the next level.


Your company is almost new and just registered and the website is also only 9 months old, how can I trust that your consultants have the best experience in this field?

The company has been registered as a Private Limited only recently and also the concept of CIG was instigated only in March 2015, but our team comprises of some of the most experienced consultants in this domain along with some dynamic and aggressive young marketing professionals who have a passion towards the clients as well as the growth of India in this sector.

Even companies like Reliance, Tata and more recently Ecommerce giants Flip kart and Snap deal have all been new companies at some point in time, they were able to deliver the services only because they were given an opportunity by clients like you. CIG can prove its service standards only when an opportunity is extended. We have a passion towards our clients as it is your business growth that will enable us grow.