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Financial Planning Services

Personal Financial Planning Services

The value of advice

With access to the latest tools and knowledge, our team of Financial Planners have an experience of working with  the most experienced financial organisation. They’ll work closely with you to understand your situation and needs, then develop a personalised and flexible financial plan to help you achieve your goals.

What to expect from CIG Group India

Strength and experience

Experience: The team have been providing holistic and personalized advice for a number of years. To ensure the highest standard of advice, CIG Group’s Financial Planners adhere to comprehensive education standards and industry membership requirements.


Simplicity: You’ll be involved throughout the entire process, and you can be sure that your financial plan will be explained in easy to understand language.


Transparency: The planning process, your financial plan and any costs involved will be clearly explained – so there’ll be no surprises.


Personalization: Whether it’s one-off or ongoing advice, insights will be incorporated into your personalized plan to help reach your goals, even if your situation changes.

Choice of products

Choice of products: Investment and insurance options will be recommended as appropriate for you, potentially including a range of high quality options offered by other leading financial institutions in India and globally.

Our Services

Getting Started to Financial Planning

At this stage, you may be enjoying all that life has to offer, but it’s important to achieve a balance so you can do all the things you want now and live comfortably later in life.

You may be planning for a wedding, starting a family, thinking about your first investment, or you may even have your eye on an early retirement. The sooner you develop a plan for your money, the sooner you might be able to uncover financial opportunities to best set yourself up for the future.

CIG Group India can help if you’re thinking about:

  • Managing debt and paying it off sooner
  • Investing or growing your existing investment portfolio
  • Managing pay rises and bonus payments effectively
  • Maximizing your super and rollovers
  • Protecting your assets and lifestyle.

Our Planner will work with you to identify your goals, and put a plan in place to achieve them. As your life and circumstances change, they’ll help you to adapt your plan and ensure it’s still working hard for you.

Planning your Finances as a Couple or a Family

You may be planning a wedding, expecting your first (or third) child, looking to invest or perhaps you just want to put a little extra aside to travel.  At this time in life, many couples and families start to take stock of their finances.

CIG Group India can help if you’re thinking about:

  • Reducing and managing debt, or paying extra off your mortgage
  • Combining finances with your partner
  • Strategies to grow your super and investments
  • Tax-effective strategies to help you save
  • Creating a plan to support your children or family financially
  • Protecting your loved ones and assets.

You might be surprised at how making a few changes now can make a big difference long term. Our Planner will work with you to identify your goals and create a plan tailored for your individual situation. As your life and circumstances change, they can help you to adapt your plan and ensure it’s still working hard for you.

Maximizing your ROI

Get more out of your money

You might have some goals in mind such as boosting your investment portfolio or buying another property.  Or perhaps you want to ensure you’re on the right track to retirement. Taking stock of your finances and ensuring your money is working as hard as possible is the first step to maximizing your money, and it’s never too early or late to start.

CIG Group India can help if you’re thinking about:

  • Reducing and managing debt
  • Adjusting or building your existing investment portfolio
  • Investing after receiving an inheritance
  • Tax-effective strategies to get more out of your income
  • Maximizing your super to help you plan for retirement
  • Creating a plan to help you support your children or family financially
  • Protecting your assets and lifestyle
  • Reassessing your financial situation during unexpected events.

The sooner you develop a plan, the sooner you might be able to uncover and maximize financial opportunities. Our Planner can help you make it happen by giving you straightforward, easy to understand information and the confidence you need to reach your goals.

Preparing to Retire

Plan now to enjoy the retirement lifestyle you want

In the years leading up to retirement, there’s a lot to consider. Your kids may have moved out of home and you’re thinking about downsizing, or perhaps travel is on the agenda.  You may also be thinking more seriously about financial security for the years ahead and if you have enough money to do everything you have in mind.

Whatever your plans are, it’s all about balance and control as you look to maximize your super and investments and minimize tax.

CIG Group India can help if you’re thinking about:

  • Achieving a work-life balance
  • Reducing and managing debt
  • Transitioning from work to retirement
  • Maximising your super
  • Building or adjusting your investment portfolio
  • Accessing available government benefits
  • Saving for children or grandchildren.

It’s never too early or late to get started. No matter what your age or life stage, taking control of your super savings and investments will help you enjoy a more comfortable retirement Our Planner can help you make it happen, by giving you the information and confidence you need to keep you on track to reach your goals.

Getting More Out of Retirement

You’ve worked hard over the years and you’re ready to enjoy more of life’s adventures now that you’re no longer working. Whether you’re planning on downsizing, spending more time with family, travelling or thinking about a sea change, ensuring you’re financially prepared takes careful planning, and it’s never too early or late to start.

As your lifestyle changes, your income will too, so having a long-term strategy in place can help you get the most out of your retirement years.

CIG Group India can help if you’re thinking about:

  • Maximizing your super and income in retirement
  • Adjusting or restructuring assets and investment portfolios
  • Pensions and social security
  • Wills and estate planning
  • Passing on an inheritance or gifting money to children or grandchildren
  • Aged care advice.

Together with a our Planner, you can prepare for the years ahead by developing a financial plan to help you maximize your retirement savings and establish a regular income stream. Your needs may change over time and they can help ensure your plan is working for you.

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