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CIG Group India is a strategic consulting and marketing research firm delivering the most innovative solutions across all mediums.

How CIG can Assist

If you’re selling a middle market manufacturing, service or distribution company, CIG can help you maximize value.

CIG Group India is a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm with a rare blend of expertise. Years of experience managing and selling privately-held companies have given us unique insights into increasing the value of a business. We offer these insights to business owners who would like to increase – or realize – the value of their own companies.

Increasing Business Value

Many business owners could make their companies more valuable with a little time and some good planning. We assess your company’s existing operational and financial strengths and challenges, and help you identify ways to increase business valuation ahead of the sale.

Regardless of whether you plan to pass your company on to the next generation of family members, transition it to employees, or sell it to a third party, we can help you make the company more valuable.


Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Services

We represent business owners when they are ready to sell; we find multiple buyers, engage them in a competitive process, and help our seller clients negotiate successful transactions – all while protecting your confidentiality and minimizing litigation and risk.

CIG answers three key questions asked by the owners of privately held companies:

  • What is my company’s current value?
  • What does the company need to look like operationally/financially to achieve my business valuation goal?
  • What initiatives should I pursue to increase business valuation and potentially increase profits?

The scope of CIG’s services varies on a case by case basis, although our efforts generally include assessing your company’s operational, organizational, and financials strengths or challenges.

We are able to estimate the value of a company and identify/prioritize initiatives for increasing value. We can also assist you in formulating value-related objectives and potentially evaluating issues related to the nature and timing of your eventual transition out of the company.

Our process for selling a business begins with a thorough understanding your objectives. A successful sale involves much more than just getting the best price for your company – it’s also about getting the right payment terms, the correct tax structure, and a buyer with an operating philosophy you respect.

The CIG Process not only maximizes value, but protects you from litigation risk, ensures the confidentiality of the sale of your company, and minimizes the time and energy you put into the sale. We focus on the transaction process so that you can remain focused on running the company.

Most importantly, we conduct the entire selling process under the umbrella of confidentiality. Our clients’ businesses may be at risk if customers, suppliers or employees become aware that their companies may be for sale. Everything we do, right up to the day your transaction closes, is done with the strictest attention to confidentiality.

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