How CIG Can Assist

Our Services

  • Independent third party inspection
  • Second party inspection
  • Production survey
  • Personnel and process certification
  • Certification of materials and equipment, on land and offshore
  • Approval of drawings, design reviews and construction survey up to acceptance
  • Project Co-ordination and management
  • New production & statutory inspection of inter model equipment.

Indeed globalization has brought the world together that has shrunk the world boundaries between the countries. This has given an excellent opportunity to the developing countries as well as developed countries. Fast changing technology, socio-economic system and increased customer awareness about quality has forced the manufacturer to produce cost economic and quality product and services to survive in highly competitive domestic and international market. CIG is committed to provide necessary support to industry and organization in achieving their goals towards : “Excellence in Quality” and “Continual Improvement”. CIG follows systematic approach to achieve the above goals and covers wide spectrum of industries for on land, offshore and marine industry sectors. CIG ensures improvement of quality, minimization of loss and damage to life, property and environment to the public, government and industry. We have well established quality assurance system, competent, well qualified and highly experienced personnel in various technology and management systems.

We provide value added services covering the following main activities :

Inspection of Materials, Components and Equipments

  • Second and third party inspection on behalf of customers at supplier’s/vendor’s works.
  • Quality Assurance during manufacturing of ferrous & non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials and section.
  • Certification of pressurized components like pressure vessels, heat exchangers, storage tank, reactors, boilers and high pressure hydraulic system.

Inspection Of Equipments: (Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation)

  • Rotary equipments (pumps, compressors, generators and gas turbines)
  • IC engines & diesel engines
  • Control panels, CP system, TR units, switchgear panels and motors, generators and transformer rectifier units.
  • Line pipes & Pipe fittings
  • Valves
  • Structural Steel Fabrication (Plants, bridges and materials handling)

Inspection and Surveillance of Projects

  • Onshore and offshore projects covering designs, fabrication and installation.
  • In-service inspection and re- certification of onshore and offshore installation and facilities during operation.

Certification of Product, Personnel and System

  • Qualification and approvals of products (mechanical, electrical and instrumentation)
  • CE Marking
  • Certification in conformance with API, NACE and ASME
  • System Certification
  • Welding Procedure, NDT Procedure and Coating Procedure Qualification.

Qualification of Personnel

  • Welder performance
  • NDT Inspectors
  • Crane operators
  • Coating inspectors
  • Under water diving inspectors

Independent assessment and audit covering :

  • Energy
  • Corrosion
  • Cathodic protections system
  • Risk and safety
  • Environment

Your Trusted Partner In Quality & Management : CIG ensures your organizations association with International Certification Standards for success in the global market place. CIG has the insight that your organization need to set new standards of excellence for your business and to develop new system and culture to scales of success in your favor. Our personnel are specialists who draw on industry experience, precise training and practical know how to conduct explicit assessment of the organization quality assurance and quality management system and provide you with valuable inputs to help you to align your system by taking strategic decisions for increased efficiency reduce production cost and improve quality of the product and services. CIG Group India is recognized and widely accepted by government and private sector industry. We have built strong relationship with number of satisfied valued customers by winning their trust and confidence.

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