Structure Finance

Structured Finance

Structured finance is a complex financial instrument offered to borrowers with unique and sophisticated needs. Generally, a simple loan will not suffice for the borrower so these more complex and risky finance instruments are implemented. How it Works

In many cases, the needs of a large borrower involve the execution of a series of discrete transactions as dictated by operational needs. This cannot be accomplished with a mere loan. Structured finance products are usually include derivatives and securitized and collateralized debt instruments like syndicated loans, collateralized mortgage obligation mortgage obligations, collaterized bond obligations (CBOs), collaterized debt obligations (CDOs), credit default swaps (CDSs) and hybrid securities.


Our Structured Finance Group assists clients in developing, structuring and executing a broad range of complex financings involving securitization, structured products and other sophisticated financing techniques. We have in-depth experience in all aspects of the public and private distribution of structured finance securities, we represent the entire range of global market participants, including issuers, underwriters, investors, trustees, servicers, credit enhancement providers, lenders, rating agencies and conduits.

Focus Areas

The breadth of our experience in structured financing techniques is substantial, as shown in the following summaries of the various focus areas of our comprehensive practice:

  • Asset-Backed Securities
  • International and Emerging Market Transactions
  • Asset-Backed Commercial Paper and ABL Financing
  • CBOs, CLOs, and Synthetic CDOs
  • Enhanced Equipment Trust Certificates
  • Financial Products
  • Aircraft Lease Portfolio Securitizations
  • Leasing-Related Financings
  • Whole Business and Real Estate Financings

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